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How many of you have joined or left a company because of a manager?

Think about it for a moment. The impact that leaders have not just on team members, but on the organization as a whole, is huge.

We've definitely seen it first hand. We remember one time where one wrong leadership hire triggered a wave of turnover that ended up with 30% of the company leaving! We've also seen other cases where people get offers with higher compensation and they stay because they have such a good relationship with their manager.

We are big fans of the Pareto principle (what's the 20% that will get you 80% of the results). If we look at a company, the biggest leverage point where anything you do will have a multiplying effect is with leadership.


By increasing effectiveness in that 10% to 20% of the organization, you're having an indirect impact on 100% of your company


We've had our share of bad managers and have felt first hand how an ineffective manager can impact our professional and personal lives. And we've also been lucky to have some great managers! And on the flip side, we've heard from countless leaders how difficult it can be to manage a team. Yeap, we've been there.

We know there's a long way to go from theory to practice and common sense isn't always so common in this setting!

And just as we've seen many team members frustrated with their managers, we've seen even more managers frustrated with their roles or their teams. Research supports this, suggesting that:


Middle managers are in the bottom 5% of commitment and engagement scores

This sparked our thinking...

What would be the best way to transform the workplace into a fulfilling, creative and productive environment for both managers and team members?

If one manager has the potential to have a ripple effect... How can we transform leaders to be the most effective they can be?


We've been lucky to work with hundreds of leaders in different industries and companies, from the Middle East to the US and from technology to education.

Throughout our experience we started noticing a pattern. Irrespective of the industry, geography or company size, there was one common denominator:

The effectiveness of leadership had a direct impact on the overall company results, team member engagement and culture. The more effective the managers, the better results and overall productivity


After collaborating with startups, this was even more evident!

In an environment where change and speed are the norm, the quality of leaders is even more important.

And to our surprise, we noticed that in this environment where good leaders are critical, is where we found the biggest gaps.

We came to the conclusion that many startups grow in spite of their leaders, not because of them.

Can you imagine what could happen if leaders were more effective?


A 1X growth could've been 3X growth in half the time!


We've always had the vision of a workplace where team members thrive while the company also thrives. A real win-win. So we set out to help shape those workplaces by leveraging the biggest point of influence: their leaders.

When we started creating our courses, we wanted to make sure the learning stuck, that it was effective and companies actually saw the results of their investment.


Since our humble beginnings, we've worked with multiple companies across Europe and Middle East, helping hundreds of leaders become more effective and happier in their roles.

Having been to many leadership courses ourselves we resorted to behavioral science, adult learning research, habit creation practices and our own experience to create our Leadership Essential Program, the first startup leadership course which is effective, sticky and enjoyable!

Our program is hands-on, discussing real cases and participants' experiences which boosts peer-to-peer learning, straight to the point, based on the latest science and focused on measuring tangible results.



Human resources director 

She is an internationally accomplished HR executive and has led People teams and partnered with business leaders for over 12 years.


She founded People Bootcamp after coaching/advising hundreds of leaders and understanding that the biggest predictor of success for any organization was leadership effectiveness.

She has worked in a range of organizations, from large corporates to early-stage startups, across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the US, including technology, education, consulting, FMCG and logistics companies.

Lilian is a qualified Psychologist, coach, and functional medicine practitioner, and holds an MBA from Hult International Business School. She specializes in behavioral change, root-cause cultural analysis and creating high-performing cultures. She loves learning, and combines the knowledge from a range of fields into delivering value to leaders.


Additional to her work, she mentors people leaders in the Edtech space and is a guest lecturer about remote organizations and the future of work.

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Produc​t Launch Manager

She is passionate about innovation and tech ecosystems. She's a true generalist and creative-minded, who feels comfortable wearing multiple hats.


Her background in architecture, marketing, communication, and her experience launching tech hubs and startups have given her a global perspective to work as a product launch manager, community builder, and partnership manager.

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Learning Consultant 

Melisa is a psychologist focused on Systemic Therapy which main interest is on relationships between a group of people, from families to co-workers or classmates.

Guided by her passion for education, she became a certified Positive Discipline educator in the classroom, family, and companies, working from the Adlerian perspective. She has performed different roles in education for more than 10 years and loves to stay updated regarding resources and strategies that improve the teaching-learning experience.

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