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Founders and managers play an important role in cultivating a productive work environment and keeping morale high

According to research by Gallup, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores.

The impact is not just on engagement, research done by Zenger Folkman showed that top 10% leaders generate double the profits than the other 90%.

This has huge implications for companies!

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Effective leaders set the vision of the company, align team members towards common goals and inspire them to believe in the purpose -the reason your startup exists


Great leaders are essential for startups. Developing leadership skills of your members will create a positive environment, build a strong team and increase employee engagement.


Our Leadership Essentials Program provides hands-on training to founders, managers, and startup project leaders by learning how to exercise and improve their leadership abilities.


Joining our program will help you to: 

-Attract and retain top talent.

-Learn how to delegate and develop more leaders across the team.

-Be more effective at giving and receiving feedback.

-Leverage the strengths of members of your team.

-Encourage employees to be innovative and think out of the box.

-Empower people by giving them a voice.

Our Leadership Essential Program is based on the 70-20-10 learning model, where: 

At the Office


Experience and experimentation

College Classroom


Working and interacting with others





Master how to implement these four essential leadership skills:

Attract and recruit top talent

Hire and keep your employees motivated, building a business that people want to be part of

Feedback that works

Give effective feedback making your team members feel valued and motivated

Set goals that drive results

Set effective goals that improve team engagement, and benefit your startup

Coach to get effective results

Identify your team strengths and inspire them to achieve better outcomes and results

Our format


Prep work

Two hours of prep work before the program

Working in Office


Four 2,5 hours courses to deep dive into leadership skills.

At the Office


One 2,5 hour booster course two months after the program.

Office Workspace

Follow Up

Weekly reminders and activity nudges to cement the learning by doing. 


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