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Leaders and startup managers are responsible for guiding organizations to succeed, while keeping the team members engaged and inspired

Great leaders master setting effective goals to spark high-level performance in team members. 


How to set goals that drive results is the 1st masterclass of our Leadership Essentials Program -our cohort-based leadership accelerator-, which provides hands-on experience to founders and leaders to grow their leadership skills.

In this masterclass, participants will learn how to set powerful goals that help startups grow, ensure efficient execution and drive outcomes. 

This masterclass is one interactive online session where participants will deep dive in the following topics:

College Classroom

How to set goals


Why OKRs and tips to a successful start


Team commitment


Focus on priorities and align team work


Keep track of progress 


Weekly check-ins meetings suggested structure

Drawing on a Board

Continuous performance


Management vs Review (CFR method)

This is a growth accelerator masterclass for founders, managers, and startup leaders who want to:

  • Stay focused on what truly matters and establish priorities

  • Set and achieve ambitious goals

  • Connect daily tasks with the overall objective of the organization

  • Ensure team members are making progress on the most important things

  • Reach the desired team outcomes

  • Make the most of assessment tools

"How to set goals that drive results" masterclass has the following format:


Prep work

Resources, questions, and previous reading material

Working in Office

Live Session

2.5 hours online session

At the Office
Office Workspace


One 2.5 hours booster session two months after

Follow Up

Weekly reminders and activity nudges to cement learning by doing

In "How to set effective goals that drive results" masterclass you will need to invest 5 hours on average (this includes live online sessions and pre/post-session assignments).

This masterclass is specially designed to help you focus on developing skills which take practice. You will decide how much you would like to apply learning content to get results.

"How to set effective goals that drive results" online masterclass will be held next Wednesday 05th of April, from 16h00 to 18h30 UTC + 2h.

About the facilitator



Human resource director

She is an internationally accomplished HR executive who has led People teams and partnered with business leaders for over 12 years.


She co-founded People Bootcamp after working with hundreds of leaders and understanding that the biggest predictor of success for any organization is leadership effectiveness.

She has worked in a range of organizations, from large corporates to early-stage startups, across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the US.


Lilian is a qualified Psychologist, coach, and holds an MBA from Hult International Business School. She specializes in behavioral change and building high-performing cultures. Additional to her work, she is an advisor in Samaipata where she advises startup leaders, mentors people leaders in the Edtech space and is a guest lecturer about remote organizations and the future of work.


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